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After being laid-off from my corporate job due to Covid lockdowns and subsequently losing my general sense of normality, I discovered opportunity lurking inside the XXX web and quickly found success. These days I live a beautiful & authentic life in Miami, focusing on my health & studies and enjoying the fruits of companionship.

While you are unlikely to find me out enjoying the hottest club in town, you will be delighted to see me at a local farm-to-table pop-up or enjoying a nice cocktail in the corner of a calm bar with a book. I enjoy quiet, intimate spaces with beautiful decor and people making meaningful conversation. I love exploring places I have never been and accessing pleasures I have never experienced. I savor and crave the company of exceptional gentlemen.


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  • Fit & lithe with multicolored eyes

  • Height 5'9"

  • Dimensions 32"/24"/36"

  • Dress size 0/2

  • Shoe size 6.5

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  • Meyers-Briggs personality INTJ-A 

  • Bachelor of Business in Accounting 

  • Lifelong professional classical dancer, model, and actress

  • Former food & beverage manager

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  • Architecture, film, photography, visual art

  • Somatics & natural healing

  • Critical thinking

  • High quality food & spirits

  • Natural landscapes